Learn various types of claims to nail your argumentative essay


How many times in your education career have you been asked to write an argumentative essay? Or you must have been asked to take part in the debate and start arguing on your point.

Well, in both cases essay writer has to deal with strong argumentation and bring out facts and claims which can convince your audience to take side with your opinion. Attracting audience attention and convincing them is not an easy process and that’s why students are asked to know the claims they are presenting.



Do you know that various types of claims exist that can rock your argumentative essay? A good essay writer always knows all types of claims and they utilize them in their essay. That's why you are asked to know the types of claims to master the art of argumentation. This is the key to success that you are looking for as a student.

So, do not worry if you do not know about the types of claims and what is the importance of the argumentative essay because I am here to tell you everything about it. you have come to the right place and you just need to stick around as I move towards the claim.

So, let’s dive into some useful knowledge that can help you in making a strong argument.

Claim of Definition

This is the commonly used claim type that is utilized by nearly every writer.

Here, you have to simply make a claim or take the position on the questions like how is it? What is it? How should things be interpreted or classified? How does the meaning of the term or topic change in the particular context?  These kinds of questions are the backbone of this claim type and you should know how to answer these questions.

Good for your argument though.

Claim of Fact

No matter, if you are a writer, a debater, or a researcher, you are going to use a claim every time you are writing something compelling.

Before taking this claim type, you have to answer some questions like, what happened? How did it happen? Where does it happen? What was the main reason behind it? Is it true or does it really exist?

You can come up with the answer to all these questions and find out the facts that are relevant to your claims. It is the first strategy that I used to Write my essay and it helped me a lot in convincing the audience and making my paper credible. For example, “in 1960, student demonstration was more evident as the students were more politically active than they are today”.

So, take a lot of time to look out for facts.

Claim of Cause

Have you ever wondered why you always take some claim or position?


If not then you should have because this is known as the claim of cause and you have to bring into light what caused this decision. Do you have to think about the questions like what causes this event? Where and why did it happen? Where does your claim really come from? What will be the long- and short-term research goals? You have to find all these reasons to come up with something convincing and authoritative.

If you still don’t understand then, you can remember the saying “everything happens for a reason” and you have to find this reason for the claim of cause.

Claim of Value

In this claim, you say something is good or bad or you have to declare something better than the other things.

You have to go on moral grounds to prove your point and this is what makes this claim type very convincing and interesting. Here, you have to find the answer to the questions like what is good or bad? Why is something better than others? Is it immoral or moral? Is it worth anything or not? Why do people value these things? What criteria should I use to determine the value?

Everything is based on the criteria of good or bad you are talking about; you have to bring out moral values and explanations to use this claim.

Claim of Policy

Here it's time for you to come up with the policy and review it to make your claim. This is what we call the claim of the policy.

You have to ask questions like, what should we do? What should be the first act? What is the future policy? What is the reason behind solving this problem? What action should be done to make amendments?

These questions are the core part of this claim type and you have to think about every possible reason to make this claim valid and authentic. But remember do not base anything on assumptions or false policy.

Claim of Comparison

Here you have to make a claim by comparing things and then, move forward with other content.

The questions that should be of your concern are, what can we learn by comparing two objects or concepts? What is the worth of things in comparison? And how can we understand one thing better than the other? or maybe both things? Here you have to make a clear comparison.

In the nutshell, making a claim is never easy because you have to go around to make it valid and prove it but, you can always take help in terms of validating your claim. For this, you can take help from online essay writing service websites and they can check your paper for you and point out mistakes in your claim. So, you have to find a way to proofread your work for sure.


Now, that you know everything about claims, are you ready to use them in your argumentative essay? If yes, then Best of Luck folks.